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Hi All,

I'm eyeing up getting a 2.2CTDI Civic with the intention of going to a trackday now and then, though I have a question about the Type S variant suspension.

Is it any use over say, the non type S CTDI suspension, or would it be better just to go straight to aftermarket parts.

Reason I ask is that there's little difference to me in the Type S and the Regular civic aside from a different suspension (unless I'm missing something) and a couple less doors, but it comes with a small price premium on the classifieds.


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I think the suspension is pretty much as the Type S, except it's a bit lower. But upgrading it will be the same as type s (heavy duty droplinks to go with lowering springs). The hydraulics i think are the same?

Other differences between them are the steering is more sensitive on the type S. Give each of them a drive, and you'll see the difference.

They type S (in my opinion) looks much better. Standard looks too egg-shaped as it curves inwards towards the bottom. If you intend to get it looking like a type S, factor in the cost of splitters, arches, and skirts, too!

Also, the interior is different in the Type S, although i'm selling my alacantara seats from my Type S if you fancy putting some in :p

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This is from the wiki on here, best place to look for answers...

"Changes over 5 door:

Gone are the rear doors
Rear seats no longer fold up (can be unscrewed and forced up)
Re-worked suspension and steering for a sportier feel
Rear track increased by 20mm.
Stiffened springs and anti-roll bars
Altered damper rebound settings
Steering column is mounted more rigidly
Weightier steering
VSA allows more freedom

Different body kit
Deeper front air intake
Gunmetal trim around wheel arches, sills and bumpers
Different rear bumper
17" alloys as standard (225/45)
Silver-stitched black part alcantara sports seats, of different fabric
Chrome Type S kick plates
Leather steering wheel (present on some 5-door trim levels)"

FN3s (3 dr) do have a "sportier" feel than FK3s (5 dr), but if you're planning on tracking either you'll really need to look at upgrading both. Body roll and front suspension travel are issues, as are the OEM pants brakes !

Edit: GT version also comes with Cruise Control, Fog Lights, Automatic Lights, Automatic Wipers, Panoramic Glass Roof & Power folding door mirrors
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