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Well I am a happy chappy today! After 3 years of clonking suspension I have finally resolved it and love my Civic again.
Since 9 months old I have had knocking front suspension and the bump stops/strut fix was done under warranty. Much better but still slight noise. Anyway about 6 months ago noise getting worse and worse, changed the droplinks (Even paid £106 for Honda ones in case the Ebay ones I tried weren't up to the job), lower ball joints, greased the suspesion mounts/bearings, checked every nut and bolt for tightness. Nothing.
Decided to have on last try today or I was going to trade the thing in - it was driving me nuts. So I checked everything again and the only tiny amount of play I could find was in the bump stops - although they were securely in the strut. So, in desperation I took them off totally. Sliced through them with a hacksaw blade. And guess what OMG! I couldn't believe it! SILENCE. I have been on a 50 mile trip to make sure I wasn't imagining it. No its true, despite all the work it was STILL the bumpstops.
Now, I know its not ideal to not have any at all, and I suppose it may cause MOT issues so I will order new ones eventually but it is something for everyone who has knocks to check.
Hope this helps and sorry for the long post - so excited!
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