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The missus came to me the other day after having her 2.2 CDTI serviced to say that "there's a reet loud clanging sound whenever i go over speedbumps". She also said that it only happens going over the middle of the individual bumps and not the full width ones.

Thinking the usual "Don't go over them at 90" I decided to have a quick peek under the motor to make sure its arse wasn't hanging out.

I can see what would be the cause of the noise as a foot square metal panel which I presume is for access to the sump. Its bolted in fine but the plastic panel its bolted into seems to have about 2-3 inch of vertical play in it.

Its then that I noticed what looks like a row of 4 or so bolt holes which would attach this panel to the underside of the bumper. These are currently unpopulated and at least one of them has rusty residue, indicating something used to be there.

So the question is. should these holes have bolts or plastic clips of some sort pinning the panel up flush to the underside of the motor ?
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