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I'm already making some planes for next march, because according to my mobile phone contract, I'll have the chance to get me another phone then.

I thought about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (=SGS2), since it is said to be fully supported by the HFT (except for the call waiting feature, which I won't need anyway, probably), but I guess, there will be some Android 4.0 phones available at that time.

As I'm looking for a phone supporting HFT not worse than the SGS2, does anybody of you know anything about the HFT support of Android 4.0, yet?

On the other hand, I guess, the SGS2 will get cheaper then, so maybe I should get me one and simply update its Android software to version 4.0, as such an update will soon be offered for the SGS2.

What do you think or recommend to me?
I mean, what would you do, please?
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