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I had a meeting today with a manager from Honda Uk (nice man - very helpful) we discussed several of the issues with the Civic and this is what he has told me;

The Radio - He said that he has had a meeting with Panasonic recently and they are trying to find a solution to the issues with the radio, he said that the auto select button must be turned "off" all the time. I did mention that I had already read that on this site and he was suprised as he thought it was a new solution. But for any of you who have missed the previous post, this should help a little.

The condensation in rear clusters and seals - This apparently can not be solved as the back screen is split in to several pieces and the water will work its way in through the seals (its a design issue), however, he has assured me that it will not damage any paintwork or the light fittings. They cleaned out the bits of blossom that had worked its way in to mine and said they hadn't come across that before and I will have to monitor what else gets in there. I looked at some of the new Civics sitting outside and they all had the condensation in the clusters.

Croaking windcreen wipers - This apparently has never been mentioned to Honda UK, and we agreed that the next time mine make the noise, I will drive to the nearest dealership and have it looked at so they can actually hear the problem.

The Orange Peel - I didn't mention this in the end as they had a Civic sat next to a Legend in the showroom, they were both Cosmic Grey and the Legend was gleaming and had the most amazing mirror shine, the civic looked quite dull next to it and had orange peel as did all the other new Civics outside, so I guess that is the way it is and I am saving up for a Legend ;)
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