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Hi, not sure I posted this in the right place but Ive just come back from the Honda dealer who are unable to help me until the 4th as they are fully booked so I cant drive my car.

So this car is a Civic 1.6 Diesel bought almost 2 weeks ago and has 400 miles on the clock.

The whole tank that was given with the care kept reading on a whole tank I would only get 250 miles. I ignored this thinking it was just a new car thing and was told mpg would be low at first.

So 2 weeks later I finally need to fill up, the tank is reading about 4 tiny bars from bottom and saying 30 miles left in tank...But Im getting no warning to fill up?!?

So I go to the station open the lid and push the nozzle in to the hole and use it. 2 seconds later the thing pings that its full, which cant be right as Ive only put in 5 quid of diesel!

I go in and pay and try again, this time only 19p!

So I go and pay drive off and call the dealer hwo says it might be pressure and to wait 20 seconds.

So I drive back to a different pump and wait 20 secs with the nozzle in. Same thing. So I squeeze very very gently so only a trickle comes out and that goes in fine but as soon as I press the trigger a tiny bit more it says its full with the clunk.

When I got back in the car the fuel gauge now reads I have 100 miles in the tank and the gague reads almost half full. How can it be almost half full with about 5.19 worth of fuel.
At this point lord knows how much is actually in the car

At this point I am scared to keep trying as I dont want to flood any filters etc so I drive to Honda garage round the corner who said they cant do anything until the 4th so Im stuck at home now.

Oh and this is my 6th ever Honda and we own a 9th Gen Type R and my last car was a 9th Gen Civic so I understand how to use their strange capless tank.

We will go back again tonight to try fill up when its quiet, are there any tips recommended to get this working?



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I've had the petrol pump 'switching off' when pointing the nozzle 'in the wrong direction', the only problem is that I can't remember what the 'wrong direction' was.
But it seems like pointing it 'wrongly' causes a whole lot of splash back which in turn causes the nozzle to click off.
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