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I have a honda civic MK6 2004 type s, I felt it was time to upgrade the car's standard factory fitted stereo but came across this device that goes into the CD changer port (Honda White port) and plays USB/SD Card/AUX input the same way (Car CD Adapter Changer Bluetooth USB SD BT AUX IN for Honda Odyssey Civic CR-V | eBay). This is obviously more suitable without the fear of a retrofitted stereo being stolen or anything. I bought a similar device for my dads audi and fitted it in and it worked a treat, click the CD button twice to activate CD changer mode but plays from the USB instead. Perfect.

For my car I have fitted the device in perfectly, I can confirm it gets power because there is a red light flashing and there is a bluetooth function on the device which my phone was able to connect to perfectly. The ONLY issue here is this the CD/AUX button when pressed twice should activate the CD changer mode but all my CD/AUX button seems to do is activate the internal CD player no matter how many times I press it. I have a Honda Audio System B type, I have read some people saying on forums for different cars that the AUX feature has to be turned on first but I don't think that is possible on my Honda Civic.

I rang dealership and I was told that the only thing he could possibly do is try updating the stereo software which would cost £50 and even then he was not sure whether that would work or whether that was the problem or not.
Just to confirm the problem here is that when pressing the CD/AUX button twice the device is not selected and therefore no sound will come through even though the device itself is fully connected and functional.

If anyone at all has any ideas and can help it would be immensely helpful as I really would like this device to work. I have attached a few pictures.
If I have put this post in the wrong section just let me know as this is my first post.

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