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I have done a search and cant find any figures on what these GPS trackers actually save off the insurance. Was wondering if the thing could actually pay for itself?

Im looking at the proper Trackstar one from traffic master.
Trackstar New

Its £400 for the unit & fitting and another £400 for lifetime subscription.

Its all thatcham approved & everything and monitored by them, not DIY, so it all goes down on insurance etc.

I am currently looking at £1000 insurance with 5yr no claims, no points, 24yr old. Unfortunately insurance is high as im in a SK area code.

I can find no information whatsoever on ball park figures of cost reduction but if a tracker could reduce my premiums by 20 - 25% then it could well be worth it.

Please let me know if you have one fitted and what its reduced your premiums from and to.

Many Thanks

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Im also interested in this as i was looking only monday at them (after seeing something on police camera action) and figured if it could save enough over a short term, like you say, it could pay for itself.

Let's hope somebody has the answer, in fact perhaps Chris Knott insurance secion will know :)


EDIT: I've asked ChrisKnott the question :)

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Hi guys,

Me and hubby (RG) both have Trafficmaster satnavs in our cars, originally because RG's last car had it fitted when he bought it secondhand; it was actually a condition of his insurance. When we both changed our cars again last month, I had mine transferred and he's getting a whole new system from Trafficmaster fitted (he changed model, I just got another Civ).

As mine is a 1.8Si I just have the satnav and the safespeed active as my insurance (Direct Line) told me they don't require it so it wouldn't save me any money; RG definitely gets cheaper insurance because of having the tracker fitted. Sorry, I don't know the exact sums involved but am pretty sure he wouldn't have done it without doing the maths.

So, I'd say: check with your insurance first and ask them if they'd give you a discount if you had a tracker. But we're very pleased with Trafficmaster, and their service generally, so would recommend them if you're thinking of using their system.

Hope that helps; let us know what you decide.


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Tbh, they don't tend to give a major discount.

This wasn't the case a few years ago but for some reason insurers have changed their ideas!
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