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Well, I'm back here to give some feedback.
The car is on the road since 4 days, but I already LOVE it.

The engine is marvelous. I can't even begin to express my satisfaction. Our previous cars have always been petrol & I wasn't too sure diesel would compare (since diesel is rather an economical choice due to high mileage & price difference here in France). I must say I'm impressed. It's quite linear actually. You can still feel the turbo boost but real low in the revs, nothing like the violence of "small" diesel engines in french cars (mind you, extracting 110 hp out of a 1600cc engine must have some downsides, tork is on of them)

I was a little dubious about driving in downtown & small villages, but all in all it's ok. The low profile tyres give a rather firm confort - hard on humps.
The car is pure pleasure on montain roads.

About electronics : SatNav is OK, well integrated. I like it when you can see the compas move while still in the underground car park. However, the map is out of date (dealdly wrong in fact) as the street I live in is one way, only the sat nav believes its the other way! I must say I'm not happy with the fact that the map is v3.06. Version 3.22 (3.23) seems to be out since a while and it's not installed in a new car [smilie=mad.gif].
HFT is a bit tricky. It will not recognise my voice when I dictate phone numbers (keeps adding twos everywhere) but its OK when my wife does the programming (no I do not stutter ;) )

About stealers : stealers they are. Accessories are too darn expensive. I think I will soon fit an after market reversing cam (thanx to the video hack) and maybe buy a spare wheel (I wonder if you can have them from spare parts dealers)

As for now, I'll have to wait till saturday to drive the car, it's actully my wife's :oops::oops::oops:
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