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Hey guys,
Been a while since I posted here.
Im getting on fine with the Accord but truth be told, I kind of miss the Type R. Already tempted to pre order the 2015 when it becomes available but IDK.

Anyway, I decided to do something completely different for me. I am used to taking photos of cars but never once have I done video work for any cars at all.

I had a spare 20 mins between clients at work so i parked up in a local car park and got some footage.

Now it is by no means polished, finished or high standard as this was my first time and I was completely outwith of my comfort and knowledge zone, but I do intend on going back and getting more clips to bulk up the vid and get some more detail shots of the interior included.

So this video is a work in progress, but i thought i would share the fruits of my my whole 20 mins labour here just to let you guys see :)


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