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Can't find much discussion over the lack of voice commands on the Garmin satnav restyles compared to the hard drive and dvd Honda connect cars. I've just changed from one to the other because the dealer had some great deals on the last of the 9Gs with the 10 now out.

It seems you basically just have the phone on the hands free, where before you could ask for "find nearest Italian restaurant?", "audio on/off" or "what date is it?" etc etc.

Obviously the Garmin is a better screen and 3D etc with free updates for 5 years instead of the ridiculous £170 for a dvd update, but does anyone else miss the voice commands?

Apart from that the car is much smoother to drive on our crap roads I think, maybe even quieter (both were 1.8s), and the blind spot radars, traffic sign recognition, reversing side radars etc etc safety stuff quite worthwhile.

(I'm now 5th Civic)
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