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Hi folks,

Need some serious help Please!

Just purchased a damaged FK17 2013 1.4 vtec. As soon as I started it all the warning lights were on, to include, Tyre pressure light, ABS, EPS, VSA all on permanently in amber. Recently replaced driveshaft, hub and abs sensor. None of the lights have gone off. Also need to mention one seat and curtain airbag deployed and replaced. Checked all the fuses under the hood and the one on the (-) battery terminal.
Plugged into snap on and showing code 85-01 VSA system malfunction.

(cars starts and drivers perfectly)

Have tried to troubleshoot as much as I can, but no joy. Spoke to local dealer and said it might be some sort of sensor which only their diagnostic machines can locate but it may not be as simple as a sensor. Need some advice from you guys to see if there's something I can do to find the fault

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