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Hi guys.

I still struggle with my VSA, ABS error messages and at the moment I struggle to get it past EU inspection / "MOT" because of it.

Do anyone have any tips how I can further check this error out? I know it has something to do with the brake light switch. I just changed it but the problem is still there.

First off the error messages comes on random but seem to be much more frequent when the car have been standing in the sun / is hot. But the error always disappear when you fiddle lightly with the brake light switch cable. So it seems to be around this switch, but I just changed it with no improvement. And I am to afraid to deliver it to the shop and pay hundreds of hundreds £ for error searching as they already stated they don't know what the problem is.

And the light was ofc on when I had it on MOT, so now I need to fix this or hand in my number plates... The car have no other errors...

I borrow a picture of ShaneB (hope it is okey) to show what switch I am talking about and the cables:

The sum it up: My car randomly pop up with VSA and ABS error, sometimes the error is gone when car is going over 30km/t other time I have to fiddle lightly on the brake light switch cable and the error is gone for this time and all system work perfect.
What should I check or do? This problem is really getting a hold on me as I soon have to get it past test or hand inn plates. I am having my wedding in one month and cant really afford spending mad cash on some blind fault search at the garage shop.
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