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Hey guys, I was thinking of purchasing a new sound system (Subwoofer and amplifier), and headunit but how would I control the top screen if I get an aftermarket headunit,
For example when you start the car a warning message comes up on the top screen and I click the centre button in the oem system to make it go away. This keeps the screen on, otherwise it turns off if you don't press anything for about a minute.
Then when I adjust fan speed and where the fan blows air to, it shows on the top screen, but with an aftermarket unit I wouldn't be able to see my fan speed and where the fan is blowing because the screen will be off as I cant press 'OK' on the warning message that comes up when u start the ignition.

Is this an issue for you guys or am I being stupid? (I haven't purchased the system yet, just wondering what you guys have done to combat this issue, or do you just live with it?)
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