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Washer jets

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Hi guys and girls,

I'm having an issue with my windscreen washer jets. When the bonnet is closed I'm getting low pressure from the washer jets but when the bonnet is open the jets are firing as normal.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Hopefully it's a simple fix which a novice like me just hasn't picked up on.
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Their is a thread I posted on recently with all the information you need. Your problem sounds like a problem someone fixed for free on that thread. I can't link to the thread at the moment as I'm posting with my iPhone but you should be able to find it.
There is a kink in 'your' tubes when the bonnet is closed - I would imagine this happens near the hinge - lift up bonnet and check tubes for signs of damage and then ensure tube is not going to kink :)
Thanks guys,

I'll have a look and see what the outcome is.
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