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Hi Folks,

My 1st Honda was an EP3 52 reg 7-8 years ago with 19" alloys.
Installed LPG in it, when found out chassis was twisted a bit and it was a 3 times write off (not sure if that's possible, but anyway, that what the guy who bought it off me said, when crazy enough to take it off my hand).
I know what the purists will say, why on Earth to put gas into a Type-R, but as I am not a banker, "every little counts".

FFW to 2016 and finally found a FK2 (100K on it) with LPG already installed at 50K.
Got it for 4 days now, and looks ok until now. Not too much service history from last owner, but looked a decent lad. Very little signs of rust on the rear wheelarch (paint bit bubbly only - presume first signs) only.
Nice to have that same old feeling of REVving, even though now only with 138bhp, still allright.

I know there is a dedicated thread for LPG in here, I saw it, and will post in there too the relevant info. If remember right no posts in there for past few years, so maybe good to inject some fresh air into it.

I kept the old 19 inch massive alloys with the tyre from the EP2 all these years, so now thinking of putting them back on. Not sure if tyres go bust in 6-7 years (was stored in a basement/garage) but hope not. other thing is not sure if they fit the FK2 as it is in standard mode or need to alter suspension or something. Presume wheel nut parameters are same for EP2 & FK2.
I am not too mechanical minded, so sorry if sounds a silly questions.
I have read the threads below (can't post link as newbie)but still not sure.
... wheels-tyres-suspension-brakes/21823-widest-wheels-you-can-fit.
... Tyres_and_Wheels]Tyres and Wheels - Civinfo Wiki

Anyway will post in there to, as to not spam in here.

Was really nice though to find out that the insurance for my FK2 was the same as for my Smart ForFour. I live in an insurance black spot, so Smart premium was really hi,even with max NCB years added on.

Nice to meet you guys anyway, even if I'm just a humble FK2

Honda 4ever!


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Welcome to the club. :)
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