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What 2nd hand civic? 15.000 miles vs 80.000

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Hi there, Help please !!

There are some 2006 and 2007 Civics on sale. I want one ! :D
Some with only 15.000 miles on the clock the other with 80.000 miles. They're the same price, same options.
Which would you recommend I go for?

I've heard buying a really low mileage 'older' car is not good as it would have only done very short school runs and clutch, brakes etc would be worn out much more than regular motorway journeys (and therefore higher mileage)...
Would your recommendation differ if it was a 1.8 or 2.2 ?
Please explain differences between the 2 engines in the above case.

I expect to be doing about between 10.000 to 12.000 miles per year, both school trip distances and 6 hr motorway trips !....

Any help to make my decision would be great please, thanks ;)
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go for the lower milage if the service history is complete. If services have been carried out then it should be good to go, again test drive & vehicle inspection always useful, be less likely to replace more expensive replacables (depending on how was driven) on the lower milage car. Paintwork and general conidition with 15,000 should also be (pretty much) immaculate.

Will hold its value more if you purchase a diesel, and a lower milage one defo. Does over here anyway. Suprised they are identical prices tbh...
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Any new car can be knackered in 10,000 miles if not driven properly.
The 2.2 diesel will give you a lot more torque ( pulling power) without changing gear and is slightly faster from 0 -62mph.
You can expect 48 -50+ mpg from a diesel without poodling along and is very resonable cost wise to tune up to 190 bhp if you fancy doing so.
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For 10 - 12k a year i would sat go for a 1.8 petrol.
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The 80,000 miler should be, and usually is, significantly cheaper than a 15,000 miler.

My experience of low mileage cars, especially diesels, is not good.

But I might have been unlucky.

However if you don't do many miles, I would go for petrol.
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Thanks for all the above help... I'll try and remember it all when testing them...! :)

Prices are bizarre in France... dealerships are way overpriced in my opinion. I was young & naive when I bought my Jazz and feel I got very bad deal (price wise) though it's been fab and I love it ! So I want to be updated, prepared and not just another 'chick' the salesman can fob off when I update to a Civic (I've got to that stage now where I can spot a Civic miles off and I smile as it drives by knowing I'll soon be behind the wheel of one... which one though? Da daaa dummm !)!!

I'm looking in different LHD countries for a good deal and though Poland has quite a few 'bargains' and seems to be cheaper anyway, I've heard that the mileage counter can be 'quite' easily turned back and not to believe a too good deal !

Is it that easy to turn back the miles on these digital displays (rather than the old fashioned turning 'clocks'?) ??

Arrrgh !!! Germany has a good reputation though as does Belgium. But then I suppose every country has their fair share of Arthur Daleys !

I'm hoping that a cheap LHD will turn up in the UK somewhere... I'm forever looking & patient ! If anyone has a lead, I'm ready and listening ! :D

Thanks for any more advice - it will be willingly absorbed !!!
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I would choose a 07 over an 06 as there were more issues with the earliest cars.
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I would choose a 07 over an 06 as there were more issues with the earliest cars.
That's really great advice thanks - I had read a few things that relate to 2006 cars... anything in particular to look out for?
I've read about rattles... can't remember anything else though :facepalm:

Does a 2007 car specifically mean from March 2007 onwards? Or January maybe?
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