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Well here is my list of parts I've purchased off TDI north for my R, been fitted in May :)

Turbo kit
Wavetrac lsd
Stage 4 clutch
Engine mounts
Boost by gear
Us ecu

Have flash pro, exhaust , stoptechs, etc etc

What else would peps buy? I'm not number chasing currently will be happy with the power for the time been . Anything I should seriously consider, more on the turbo side of things, reliability .Thoughts pls.


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1) You gonna leave the engine compression standard?
If you're looking for reliability: mount different (low compression) pistons.
2) Radiator dimentions? Standard is based on 201 BHP.
3) Don't knibble on the intercooler: take her big enough and look for enough air going through it.
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