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Hi guys,

I have a 1.4 83 hp Civic Hatchback from 2008 (5d) which I bought 2 years ago on 35k miles and it only did around 5 k after we bought it. I am disappointed with the engine performance however looking at the new cars produced after 2010, I could not find anything reliable so decided to keep this one for my wife. I thought for a decent 1.8 however could not get good price for mine.

So that I am trying to make the car better - What I have done so far:

-The battery failed last summer, I have changed it.

-Changed the thermostat one and half year ago

-before I bought it, the break pads and discs were changed

And when I bought it, the car was shaking after changing gears I thought about the clutch was saying bye bye slowly but it was so low mileage for that so did not take it so serious but lately it got worse and now I have the feeling that something is blocking the car to accelerate. I have checked it with a mechanic and he said the clutch seems to be going away slowly so that

- Today I am changing whole clutch set
- front shock abs are also on their way out, changing them

By the way the Honda dealer asked 500 pounds for front shock abs only, I was terrified when I heard it, so I am doing all with a small independent garage.

They are changing clutch (brand LUK) for around 300 GBP - 200 for the parts, 100 for labor
shock abs both are for 140 GBP, 80 GBP for labor

So my questions are,

Is there anything else that I should be aware of, that should be changed or checked, such as cam chain? I know that they are meant to be for lifetime but I am not sure what lifetime means for the producers, 5 years or 10 years? Along with that what about the water pump? Any other thing to take care of? Want to be sure because the car will be transporting the lady and small baby.

Another question I have is, when I wash the car, the water always comes inside from gas tank cover - what is this about, is that normal'?

Grateful for any answers,
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