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what primer?

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hi all my civic is galaxy grey NH701M and I have been touching up various bits of body work with colour matched aerosols, to be fair for a rattle can the finish once wet flatted and polished is very good way better than I thought it would be, the problem I'm having is the colour is too grey rather than the goldie grey it should be, its not far off but enough to notice, I have tried 3 suppliers so far with pretty much the same result, and yes I know rattle cans aren't the best for colour match but if I could get the right shade the finish will look very good
my neighbour has suggested I may be using the wrong colour primer (grey) does anybody have any input about this, or indeed know the correct colour primer?
maybe white?
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Got any stone chips on original paint where you can see the primer colour?
Plenty of stone chips mate..I'll go have a look tomorrow
i've had a proper look on the can and it does say to use dark grey primer, I used regular grey primer...I wonder if there is a difference
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