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Hi All,

So because I'm a donkey I decided to try and use an old tyre inflator which had exposed cables from the cigarette lighter plug. I was an idiot and decided to plug it in to every socket, front near Headunit, Centre Console under the arm rest and the rear in the boot. Of course it didn't work...

I then found out nothing worked so I looked at fuses 28/29 and both where blow, replaced them and now I have the rear and one close to the headunit working again.

Problem is for the life of me I've looked at the fuse wiring diagram and I can't find the fuse for the centre console (under arm rest, this one to be exact so it's still not working with any accessory.

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Can anyone kindly tell me which fuse to replace for this one? I looked at 35 also as this is apparently an accessory but this was fine. It's definetley the fuse as I heard it click/pop when I plugged in my tyre inflator.

Thanks All :)
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