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Hi! This is my first post here.

I've recently bought a 2009, 2.2iCDTI with 61k. Never owned any Honda before so my knowledge is pretty much none on this model, previously I owned a Sport KA 1.6 so has been a tremendous change ^^

Sadly, 2 days after I bought the car I've noticed a weird sound coming from the left side of the engine, the car dealer told me 2.2 engines can be loud because of the timing chain, nothing to worry about with 61k,he said. Also he replaced the rocker cover gasket. I transmitted him my worry about a oil leak from it at the front right corner of the seal,so he did it without charging any money for it.
I was pleased and happy knowing that the car was ready to be loved but something inside of me was telling me that the car could have something hidden, sorry is my nature I can't help it
Then the "sound" appear and I freak out.
I contacted him and he said that the oil and filters was changed as he told me in conjunction with the rocker cover gasket, then I've checked the oil and was pitch black (my fault for not checking that, I know is a big one)
So as I said, things started getting more suspicious; nex day, while driving to work "tyre air pressure sensor light"
I feak out again, that "ding" sound at 5am was unexpected.
Anyway, during the afternoon, oil (castrol 0w30 titanium) and filter (Mann) engine flush and the sump washer arrives. I do the job hoping (not too much) that the whining sound would dissappear. It didn't but I noticed the engine was different, like all well rounded sense on the feets and a better engine response.. I'll link the videos before the oil service:

Thanks for reading, apologies if I made some mistakes, English isn't my mother language, so any grammar correction/advice will be much appreciated :)

Last thing, is possible that this sound it will derivative in something worse? If is so, can anyone please give me advice of what to do?
Many thanks!

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Welcome to :civinfo:

Don't panic with 'all' these issues as the dealer has a responsibility to resolve any major issues that you weren't made aware of at the point of sale.

Oil in the 2.2 soon turns jet black, that's normal. Just ensure you do regular oil changes with the correct spec oil.

I would advise against changing to a non Honda filter but the oil filter is somewhat more forgiving than the fuel filter.

I haven't checked your videos but i will try to later. In the meantime, hopefully someone else will assist.
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