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Good evening all,

Returning old member here (originally had a Civic Type R FN2 when I went to a couple of meets with the club). I''m back and a 3 year owner of my white Civic 9th gen sport (only just got around to returning here as I'm now looking at giving it a bit of a face lift.

First off, any of you got any with custom alloys? Looking for ideas on what alloys suit this shape car. Was thinking about getting a nice set of white multi spoke but haven't begun looking yet.

Also, what other modifications have people done to their Civics? Anything small like interior to anything big like after market kits and mechanical modifications?

Lastly, when I first purchased the car from Honda 3 years ago I searched regarding the ***** android head unit the cars come with as standard. Anyone successfully unlocked this yet to install your own apps and what not or is it still like a vault that Honda aren't releasing the key for? If still a vault, have any of you got any after market head units with custom, non-Honda android apps installed? If so, mind letting me know which?

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Thinking about slapping some white Bola alloys on, like these:




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Hi. If you have a look in the "how to" part of the 9g forum you can add 3rd party apps using Haltamer's guide. The procedure summary is great. There is also the XDA Developers website but it is a lot of pages to read.

Good luck.

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As above, have a quick look at the guide - You can get after market apps on the headunit with a little jiggling.
XA4's thread is probably the best inspiration you'll get!

For modifications, there's K&N Panel filters about for all models now AFAIK, which is always a good start for a little added vroom noise; I've just installed Acuity shifter bushings which have markedly improved feel and function of the shifter too.

Lighting wise, some OSRAM T10 LED bulbs for the front map lights, dome light, boot light and numberplate lights are a good start (6 Needed in total!)
From there, LED Reversing lights are another easy improvement.
If you don't mind MOT Implications, you can fit HID bulbs into the projectors without issue (No blinding as they're projectors) - HIDs also work nicely in high beams if you are willing to sacrifice a second or so warmup time - They focus well with the reflectors unlike LEDs, and greatly increase light on the road VS halogens.

Inside, door sill plates if you haven't got the optional extras; A skunk2 Gearknob also looks nice and makes shifting even more effortless.

As for aftermarket wheels, I'm never quite sure - The original Argons I've got look a perfect fit for the car, but once fitted Rotas etc. do have a nice aesthetic:
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