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Hi all,

I am just posting this in advance for 2mo. I would like to know who has collected their new type-r, what spec and what date.

EDIT: Also when you placed the order/initial deposit! thanks.

Mine has been DELAYED
until "mid march"!!! so week-ending the 23rd im guessing, worst case scenario

I was told i wouldnt see another one on the roads as most of them have been delayed. SO, would just like to get some numbers so when i see them in 2weeks time i can say how many have already been collected. And add that im quite p*ssed off as my deposit was put down in September to ensure, "i would be one of the 1st to get it". These were the dealers words for the definition of the deposit.

So far the whole 'Honda Experience' has been sh*t. Im getting more and more put off everytime i visit a dealer!
Although my current dealer has been much better so far than my original!
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