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..with Superchips please!
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"Oh, I see you've got a new wallpaper on the PC, is that the Civic?"

"Err, yes.."

"That's a different picture of the car than you've just put on the laptop isn't it?"

"Yes, it is"

"... and I see you have printed out some nice A4 prints of the car too - six of them - you'll run out of ink, and you know how much the cartridges cost to buy!"

"Yeh, I was bored and...."

"I see that we've got a copy of the Civic brochure in the lounge and another copy by the bed"

"OK, I'll tidy them up"

"I saw Tom yesterday and he said that you were talking about it in the pub - he seemed to know the spec down to the last detail."

"Oh really?"

"So, when do you pick it up?"

"Umm, Wednesday at 11.00a.m. I think...."

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Excellent :D

I did exactly the same, but also had some videos (avi's) to play evry couple of nights. Wifey really thought I was a sad git when I started playing the "hate something...change something" video/song :lol:

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ha ha , I'm like that with every car I've ever purchased, they just don't understand.

The worse one was when I brought a BMW 325ci sport convertible 4 years back, took 6 months to be delivered and I would read the brochure pretty much every night until it arrived, now thats sad .

I just hope I will never get to the point when I'm doing it with people carriers ;o))
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