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Which stuff to use for pre-wash without foam lance / pressure washer?

Hi all.

I was washing the car with yellow Megs Ultimate wash&wax but its not really lifting the leftovers from flies and bugs that accidentaly colided with my car ;-)

I'm using garden hose to soak the car and flush the dust, then two bucket method with megs ultimate wash and wax. After that theres still some bits left on front of the car. Going over them with mf mitt few more time makes not much diffrence.

Anyone can recommend a stuff (maybe a spray on thing onto wet car) that will dissolve the bugs etc!
Nothing too strong as I don't want to remove all the wax from paint everytime I wash the car.

I know that foam from lance etc and clay would do but thats not what I'm looking for.


sent from SGS.

P.S. I've edited that post 3 times but title stil appear as WHUCH where it should be WHICH

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Poorboys Bug Squash is very good but you don't get much for the money and it doesn't dilute down much if at all (cant remember), plus it will remove any wax you have applied. It does do a good job though when I used to apply it, let it soak and the bugs all just came off with a pressure washer I seem to remember.

My current product though is Valet Pro Pre Wash, this is excellent stuff for the whole car and does a really good job on muck but its not all that good on the bugs tbh, even a stronger dilution they still need removing by hand with the back (mesh part) of my Megs lambs wool mitt, but a light rub is enough to remove them.
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