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Having lurked around on this forum and wanting one of these for a while I finally picked this one up a couple of weeks ago. She's a 2007 Type S 2.2 CDTI with 153k on the clock and pretty rough around the edges, but I love the car and just wanted to say hi and show it off!

This is the for sale pic from the previous owner.

However when I picked the car up it was much filthier than that. So a good wash, wax and dry was had.

Sadly while doing this I noticed how many problems there are with the paint. So many chips and scratches that need fixing. So hopefully I'll be able to document fixing that here! The insurance company aren't a fan of changing much on the car sadly, but next weekend I should be picking up a mesh grille. I've already stuck some Heko wind deflectors on, which seem pretty nice, and had a go at wrapping the trim around the shift knob, which didn't go so well. All the silver/grey interior plastics are in pretty poor condition so a wrap or spray job is on the horizon for those. I grabbed a Type S gear gaiter which I think should have come standard as the naked look of the lever isn't for me, and some car mats as none came with the car! The knackered shift knob has to go too, not sure what to swap it out for yet though.

The lack of aux in is really starting to get to me, my last two beaters had it! I've ordered a Yatour BTA from china which is taking an eternity to come. Does anyone know if I'll need a splitter to plug it in? I'm not sure if it's meant to come with one or not!

Edit: Fixed pictures.
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