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Hello everyone I am new to the forum and have searched for the last couple of hours to find a solution for my problem with no luck. I am wondering if anyone can help...

Today after shutting my driver side door i saw it start to slip down really slowly. I tried getting it back up with the switch but that didnt work and even pulling the window up. It eventually fell so low that it is now the whole way down and stuck.

I was looking to take the door panel off and have a look, i popped off the handle clip and undid 2 screws, I then got a few more out but was unable to a) disconnect the electronics for the window and b) actually remove the door panel. I have been looking for images / guide but canot find any for my model of car.

Also, would this actually help me find the problem, would I be able to see the clips that are dislodged (at a guess as to what happened) or do I need to take more off than just the door panels?

Many thanks for any help/advice anyone can offer.

Car details below:

Honda Civic Sport (54 plate)
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