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hi all. new to this forum.
problem purchased a used honda civic 1.6.i.es automatic, 1998 last week. to my horror patch of water above my head drivers side near sun visor. took all trimmings as it its now raining. floor wet through drivers side only, although i know the leak is not from the bulk head as the water only goes up so far towards the pedals, but not as far as pedals so its not running down from bulk head.
felt inside above my head where the windscreen connects to metal . spongy seal is damp. i ssume its then running to the corner , about 2 inches away and wetting the roof lining also. waited for it to drip down side panel it does but not on the outside. the rain comes through the inside of the metal trim holes( the plastic trim that you pop on the metal) and down the door seal onto the floor.
i had simalar probs with my other car(a proton) replacement windscreen solved it.
the only thing im wondering is how it gets inside the metal frame. i assume that the seal on windscreen presses against that part. but how does it get behind it. i thought it would just leak down the windscreen seal towards the dash and on the floor. i dont think sunroof drains are blocked although i know water get in to tray through sunroof but only a bit and seems to go down the holes ok.
dripping down the outside of the metal frame i could understand but dripping from the inside and coming out of the plastic trim holes makes me wonder.
anyway im confusing myself now..lol hope you all know what im saying. thanks foryour time guys

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