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First time posting here, after many hours of reading various threads I don’t think my questions have bee asked before but if that is not the case I apologise in advance.

I have been researching for some time what my next car will be .I was delighted when I found the civic, in particular the 2.2i CTDI version with ES or EX options. It seemed to tick most boxes and had what I considered to be for me the right balance of economy/performance in its unmodified spec. For my needs reliability ranks high and I had thought that buying a civic would deliver with out any problems.
Having read nearly 500 post concerning clutch replacements mostly on low mileage cars.(Clutch Failure Register). And hearing how Honda are less than willing to meet their obligations, I am left now wondering whether these posts represent a wholly justified but unlucky few owners or whether they are the tip of the iceberg and that this model should be avoided.
I realise that there are loads of civics out there but I am just trying to get an overview as to the likelihood of this happening.

So my question is.

1, In standard unmodified form, driven in a steady way would it be more likely or unlikely that a new clutch would be required before reaching a mileage of 60K on the balance of probability ?

Sorry for such a hypothetical question but its difficult to get a balance when reading so many negative posts, and I was hoping that you guys with your intimate knowledge might be able to put the problem into prospective for me .Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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