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Got round to ordering my xcarlink on Tuesday, and low and behold, less than 24 hours later it was delivered!!! I used the Civinfo5 discount code and got 10% off too, so thank you to all those that have organised these discounts!

I won't get chance to install it for a couple of weeks, as I'm moving house next week and just won't have the time, but it's just as well as the bloomin courier must have dropped something damn heavy on the parcel...

The shipping bag was marked, the jiffy bag inside was damaged (same shape as the mark on the shipping bag), the box the xcarlink was in was damaged, and yep, you guessed it, the xcarlink itself was cracked and smashed. Even the ipod cable shows signs of being squashed!

Contacted xcarlink this morning and they have already got back to me with a returns address. So, whilst I haven't actually installed the thing yet, I'm well impressed with the service from the xcarlink.co.uk website... Let's hope the replacement unit is shipped just as quickly!
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