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No pics

Ford Escort MkII 1.3L
Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia
Ford Escort XR3i
Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8 LXi
Peug 207 2.0GTi (Co Car)
VX Astra 1.9 Design (Co Car)
Civic 2.2 Type S GT-t (Current Co Car)

more torque than the mrs
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my cars from 1988

1st mk1 escort 1300gt, k reg
2nd mini H reg
3rd nova sr A reg
4th mg metro F reg
5th corsa L reg
6th polo 16v R reg
7th tigra 16v R reg
8th bmw 316i M reg
9th hyundai coupe se W reg
10th clio sport Y reg
11th escort 1.8 td S reg
12th laguna sport 1.9 dti S reg
13th laguna dci 02 reg
14th golf gt tdi 130 02 reg
15th megane dynamic 52 reg
16th civic 1.8 se 06 reg
17th 207 pug 57 reg
18th civic 1.8 type s gt 07 reg
19th astra sri 07 reg
20th civic 2.2 type s gt 08 reg current car

oh forgot 04 reg bmw 320, only had it for a week and gave it back to the garage and had my astra sri back..

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My cars

Alfa Romeo GTV t spark 2000
Toyota supra mk4 1996
Honda s2000 2002
Alfa Romeo 159 2008
Honda civic fn2 type r 2007

A few more before but these in the last 6 yrs

Oh also has a sterling nova kit car

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Since '86
'81 1.2 Kadett (ie. Astra)
85 Corolla 1.3 3door (1.3 2e engine)
88 Carina(2.0GL) Liftback.
92 Corolla Corolla Sprinter Coupe.
97 Rover 600 (1.8 Honda Petrol)
97 BMW e36 318TDS
98 BMW e36 318TDS
03 Rover 75 CDT.
08 Civic 2.2 ES

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OK here I go...
Im 26.
1999 Diamond white escort zetec, was my mums car, hit a lamppost the night I passed my test, hid the car from her that night and got it repaired the following day, Finally grew balls to tell her and my dad what I done.....over the phone ( no pics )

1996 corsa 1.2 twist, carabic blue ( poverty spec ) car has 16" wheels on it after defying everything my dad saying about it rubbing.
Loved this wee car and had some good times in it

then it was a Rover 216 in taihati blue, this car was fast compared to the 1.poo corsa and it had power steering which was a bonus. ( no pics )
I then 'upgraded' to this Rover 25 1.4

2003 plate with 27k on it, I colour coded the spoiler, Zr lights, front splitter and a go faster exhaust.Was a good car for 50k then gave it to my mum so I can buy what turned out to be the best car I ever owned. NO JOKE!!
This, A Proton satria 1.5

This car got traded in one Saturday and it was mine as soon as it could be. OK it wasnt a gti but its what I could insure.
Stuck to the road like glue, battered its brain up and down to Dundee for work. Stainless steel exhaust and an induction kit was all it had.I put bucket seats in it but I HATED them so they came out for standard seats.
If one came back up local I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Then circumstances changed and the proton was no longer fit for purpose. So instead of wrestling with a kiddy seat all the time I went for a bigger car.
2004 Mazda3 2.0 sport

I bought this from 1st choice cars in Glasgow that saw me coming a mile away. Turned out to be an absolute dog. After chasing my Ar5e trying to get it right I gave up and admitted defeat, sold it for a killer loss.
I put the rx8 wheels on it but removed them and flogged them.
This car has actually been boght by a guy just up the road now.

2006 Mazda3 1.6 ts

Its identical almost to the sport however, I knew this car since it was new and I looked after it from day one, It had full sports pack on it ( inc rear LED lights I took from the sport before it went ) new shape grill and wheels. Being the 1.6 it was a total different car to drive than the 2.0 so much better, smoother and comfortable.
Great car.
While I had Mazda3 number 2 I got this.
Subaru Impreza sport

It had sat in a garden for 2 and a bit years,it was a customers sons car and due to financial reasons he couldn't run it. So I made him an offer I thought he would refuse.
He didn't and it was mine,
The car was minted, full Subaru history up to 2 years before I got it then it was at my work from then to when I bought it.
Changed the roof lining, serviced it, machine polished it and it turned out to this

Lovely car to drive, pulled well for an old car and only had 95k on it.
Due to my work position I was limited to what I could afford so it had to go to fund home life
It sold to the guy that runs Clan Japan and came up for sale a few months back. looking at it now it looked VERY dated.

I was very fortunate to get a job away from the motor trade and started to earn some good money.
And that ladies and gentlemen bring me to this wee beastie!!

The Civic is one of they cars that whenever I look at it, it looks good.Dirty or clean, more dirty in the winter mind you. Its not the fastest car out there but gives as good as it gets.It's Reliable and comfy ( Na im kidding its as hard as a whores heart). It also get occasional looks here and there, not bad for being more common than some cars.

I also have a 2005 Clio for the school run and to do the messages in but with it being French the less said about it the better.

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Been driving since I was 18. Now 21 years old. Passed in 2011.

1. 2003 Mercedes E270 CDI passed down from my father

2. 2011 Honda Civic Type-S

3. 2013 Mercedes SLK 250 AMG

4. 2014 Volkswagen Golf R


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Peugeot 206 xsi
BMW 323i
Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI
Saab 93 Tdi
BMW 330d
FN2 Type R

Best out of the bunch either the 205 gti or the 330d, the Saab was dog crud...


The Troll, Aka. Bellend


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Aqib ... Very nice choice of cars.

Know that way you think someone's different to what you they are.. well.

My guess was never you were 21 lol

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Ford fiesta Mk2 1.1 L
Ford fiesta Mk2 1.4 S
Ford fiesta mK3 1.6 S
Vauxhall astra Mk3 2.0 cesaro
Vauxhall astra Mk3 2.0 cdx
Vw golf Mk3 2.0 gti 8v
Vw golf Mk4 2.0 gti 8v
Honda civic 7th gen 2.0 type s
Honda civic 8th gen 1.8 se
And current car 9th gen 1.8 es

Best car between the mk3 gti and the 7th gen type s.

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Lol - my list is going to start very similar to the above, starting in 1997:

1. 1986 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus 1.1 - cost £50 some welding and an MOT - the cheapest motoring ever!
2. 1988 Ford Fiesta XR2 (White) - was a dog!
3. 1985 Ford Fiesta XR2 (Red) - no rust, gleaming paintwork, just drank more oil than petrol.
4. 1986 Ford Fiesta XR2 (Black) - first project and full engine rebuild (Managed 210k on original engine)
5. 1991 Ford Fiesta XR2i (Met Grey) - Don't know why I miss this car, ended up rolling it both side ways and backwards - near death experience.
6. 1989 Vauxhall Nova 1.0 - Friend was moving abroad - made him a silly offer of £50 - he accepted then I sold it 3 months later for £450.
7. 1990 Ford Fiesta XR2i (Black) - Cost £700, made it immaculate and sold for £1450 within 8 months.
8. 1992 Toyota Celica GTi-16 (Met Grey), miss this car a lot, wish I had kept hold of it. Most reliable car I have ever owned. Took it from 90k up to and beyond 150k. Only cost me servicing, brakes and a rear exhaust box. Only failure was electric aerial and heater matrix bursting.
9. 1990 Toyota MR2 G-Limited Import - Was for fun - run it alongside the above for 8mths.
10. 1997 Toyota Celica GT Four Import - Owned since 2005 and I don't think I'll ever sell it!
11. 2001 VW Golf 1.6 SE - Commuter car for 2 years - modern VW's are crap!!!! Constant engine management lights on, engine parts made of plastic which should have been metal, e.g thermostat housing. Would never buy a german car again - now their chucking plastic electric water pumps in their cars!
12. 2007 Honda Civic 2.2 Type S - I hate throwing money away on depreciation so I'll likely keep hold of this for quite some time 200k+

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1983 Vauxhall Nova 1.2 Merit
1984 Volkswagen Golf 1.3
1989 Peugeot 405 1.6
1990 Peugeot 205 1.1
1997 Peugeot 306 1.9D
1997 Honda Prelude 2.2 VTi 4WS
2000 Honda Prelude 2.2 VTi 4WS (still own)
1997 Fiat Bravo 1.9 TDi
2007 Honda Civic 1.8 iVTEC (still own)
1993 Honda Prelude 2.2 Si VTEC JDM Import (still own)

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Princess Vanden plas (Same as Austin Morris 1100 only with 1300 engine , Rolls Royce style front grille and Walnut interior with tables on the back seats.)
Ford Anglia.
Hillman Hunter.
Ford Escort ( John Players Special Black and Gold)Mk1
Hillman Avenger.
Vauxhall Viva Coupe.
Ford Fiesta Mk1.
Renault 5.
Ford Escort New Mk3
Ford Escort. New Mk3
Datsun Nissan Sunny Coupe. (Loved It)
Fiat Uno.
Vauxhall Nova
Vauxhall Astra Estate.
Volvo 340.
Ford Fiesta. New 1996
Ford Fiesta. New 1998
Ford Escort New 2000
Vauxhall Corsa New 2002
Vauxhall Corsa New 2004
Renault Clio 1.4 2001
Ford Galaxy 2002
Vauxhall Corsa New 2005
Suzuki Carry Van 2005 New (Still got it and only 10k on the clock Has only ever needed tyres and that's due to side walls cracked through lack of use.)
Vauxhall Astra 1.7 TDI 2007.
Honda HRV Joy Machine 2000 (Loved it)
Honda Civic TypeS 2009 (The Best )

Can't remember the years of the earlier cars , God I'm getting old.


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Some of the older cars

Not the original cars but Original colours except Nissan Sunny which was Met Silver.
Princess Vanden Plas bought for £50 from my mate to get him to London He ended up being Elton John's stylist not seen him for bout 25 years , Ford Anglia , No Rain on rear windscreen , Hillman Hunter , Hand brake on right hand side where your civics seat height adjustment is , Ford Escort JPS mines had 5 inch Gold stripe on sides , Vauxhall Viva Est , Ist daughter born needed room for prams and things She's 35 now with 2 boys of her own , Renault 5 great fun always felt like you were going to roll it but never did , Nissan Sunny coupe Very luxurious had all the toys of the day , Uno may have been the first car with semi hidden door handles.
Cars have come a long way.

By the way , That's not me in the Fiesta.

Thought you were older Aqib , Impeccable manner and communication for a young lad , no offence to you or young lad's.

Kind Regards


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Lotus Elan +2 written off under Lorry
Lotus Elan +2 JPS colours
Lancia Beta HPE
Lotus Excel
Lotus Excel SE
Lotus Esprit
Honda Civic Type S

Slowed down a bit but happy LOL

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Hi Nighthawk,

Hope you were'nt seriously injured after the lorry incident.

I'll never forget the Lotus Esprit.
I stripped the threads on the aluminium cylinder head when fitting one of the spark plugs whilst doing a service.
I was a first year apprentice at the time and the boss had to pay for a new cylinder head.
I was 16 at the time and should not have been trusted on a car like that.
I served my time and became a good mechanic but ended up hating working on cars and the money was crap unless you had your own garage.
Chucked it after I got my papers and not worked in a garage since.
Still do my own repairs and servicing though.

Kind Regards

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Standard 8- bought for £10.
Austin Mini.
Humber Sceptre.
Mini Cooper.
Hillman Hunter- written off.
Ford Escort.
Triumph 2000.
VW Beetle.
Ford Sierra.
Company cars- Renault 21, Rover 620, Citroen XM, Peugeot 406, VW Bora, Renault Laguna.
VW Golf.
Honda Accord Type S.
Honda Civic CTS.

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Mines a pathetic list as I don't really change cars that often, so I know actual the year they were changed.

1998 - Bought brand new red Clio, 18th birthday present ( 2 years free insurance )

2000 - Bought a 95 plate red corsa GSI. Much to my parents hate, driving around in an older car. Stuck a 2 litre turbo red top in it :).

2003 - Bought a brand new silver vectra, child on the way- big boot. Ran it with no problems for over 110k miles.

2010 - Back to a red car, Milano FN2. Back to messing around with power :)

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My car history from October 2007, I'm now 24.

1. Nissan Micra (2007 - 08)
2. Ford Focus 2.0ltr Ghia (2008 - 10)
3. Peugeot 407 SW 2.7 V6 HDI (2010 -11)
4. Renuault Clio Renaultsport 182 (2011 - 15)
5. Honda Civic 2.2 i-CDTI Sport (2015 - Present)
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