Connecting an MP3 player

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Incredibly, Honda omitted a way to connect a portable music player to the radio in the Civic (despite including it in the older and cheaper Jazz) when it was launched in 2006, however it was added in the 2009 facelift.

Iaudio X5 player

In order to connect your player on a pre-facelift car, you have to consider what you need:

FM or aux-in? FM uses the radio to receive the sound from a little transmitter, and is very poor quality but easy to install. Aux-in sends the sound down a wire to the radio and is very good quality, but requires wiring up.

iPod control? For those of you have chosen an Apple iPod, then you may want to be able to control your player using the steering wheel and satnav screen, or maybe a separate control unit like the H-K.

There are now several options:

Note - if you have a car with the Honda satnav installed (EX spec or similar) then you need an extra bit of loom: