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(PLEASE NOTE: this accessory is not the USB-plug that fits some models since 2009)

The official Honda iPod link accessory costs between £230 and £320 (EX models) fitted, and is an aux-in solution. If you want to fit the Ipod connection yourself Holdcroft Honda will sell you the complete kit for £130. (As at February 2008)

The iPod connection mimics a 9 disc CD changer.

Discs 1 - 7 are playlists you have to create. The first 6 characters of each playlist have to be called Honda1, Honda2, Honda3 etc. Any characters after this are ignored by the iPod adapter. e.g. You could call your playlist Honda1_Rock, Honda2_Pop etc to aid identification within Itunes. Each playlist can have any number of tracks, although due to the limitations of the headunit only the numbers 01-99 can be displayed.

Disc 8 plays all the tracks on your iPod in random order. The default mode for Disc 8 is shuffle mode. If you turn the shuffle mode off by pressing the RDM button on the headunit, the songs are played in the order they are on the iPod.

Disc 9 plays whatever was already playing on the iPod when you plugged it in, be it a single track, an album or a playlist. Using the Disc 9 mode, any album, track or playlist can be selected regardless of the naming convention used for the playlist name.

The Disc+/Disc- buttons on the headunit, or a long press of the channel+/- button on the steering wheel switch between playlists.

A short press of the Seek/Skip buttons on the headunit, or a short press of the channel+/- button on the steering wheels skips tracks forward/backward. (Note. skip backward does not work if the shuffle mode is turned on - in this instance skip forward/back will select a new random track.)

A long press of the Seek/Skip buttons on the headunit (accompanied by a beep), fast forwards or backwards through the current track.

The RDM button on the headunit toggles the shuffle mode on/off. This can be used for all 9 playlists.

The RPT button on the headunit toggles the repeat play mode on/off. Once the current song is finished playing it will start to play again from the start if the RPT mode is on.

The SCAN button on the headunit plays the first 10 seconds of each track, in the current playlist. Pressing SCAN again during the preview will select that song (and subsequent) songs to play in its entirety.

The downside is that the iPod's controls are locked whilst it's plugged in (you get the Honda 'H' logo showing up on the screen). The iPod switches on automatically when selected by pressing the CD/AUX button on the headunit, and should switch off 2 minutes after the headunit/car has been turned off.

If you are playing e.g. Playlist 2 (Honda2), and then unplug the iPod from the cable - When you plug the iPod back in it will show Disc (Playlist) 9, and will resume playing from the point that it was unplugged, assuming that no other tracks/albums/playlists have been played on the iPod while it was unplugged from the car.

The other downside is it doesn't show the track names - just the disc and track number. Which seems bizarre since it does display track names when you play MP3 CDs.

Firmware problem

Just a heads up to let everyone know that if they have an iPod kit and are using the iPod touch, the latest version software (2.1) breaks the usage of playlists in the Honda Civic, only playlists 8 (random) & 9 (last played track) function, all others show 'CDC EJECT'. This is is known problem and should be fixed with an Apple software update soon. The volume is controlled by either the volume knob, or the +/- volume control on the steering wheel.

A few members have reported that this issue has been rectified with the updated 2.2 version software which is now available from Apple. Although some members are reporting still experiencing problems even with the updated software.