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There are many questions relating to ICE, or In Car Entertainment, and related areas such as the satnav and phone systems.

These include mp3 use, different Honda options, after market upgrades and more.

Are the Honda upgrades like Bassworks any good?

Most people feel that they are not value for money.

Speaker upgrade kit - sound quality ?

Bassworks Kit

Does the head unit play MP3 CDs?


It also displays some id3 tag data. (What is id3?)

On satnav cars this is displayed on the main satnav screen: Satnav demo

On other cars it is displayed on the aircon / radio display.

It also plays WMA files, but no other formats.

To make an MP3 or WMA disc, look here: How to make an MP3 CD

You can create sub-folders to place the files in, helping you to sort per album, genre or whatever you want.

Regardless of which software you use to create the discs, you need to burn it as a data disc, as burning it as an audio CD will usually reconvert the mp3 files into a "normal" CD format only allowing 12 or so tracks on the disc.

The optional 6 disc changer only plays audio CDs, not mp3s.

The in dash unit is a single disc only player, you cannot stack several discs in it.

Does the Civic have an AUX in, for connecting an mp3 player or similar?

If you have a MY 09 or later car, it does have this. See 2009 Aux in.

If you have a MY 06 through 08 car, it does not.

There is a Honda ipod adapter available as an accessory, which most people feel is expensive and limited in it´s functionality (Honda supplied iPod link).

There are several aftermarket solutions for both satnav and non-satnav cars:

They do not however show any id3 data on the in car screen.

You can of course also use an FM transmitter, although this does have limitations with regard to sound quality.

How To: install a radio transmitter for MP3 players

You could also fit a bluetooth kit (like a Parrot) and stream music via bluetooth from your phone. Bluetooth music streaming

Can I upgrade the speakers?


There are aftermarket products that most people feel are better and better value for money than the Honda upgrades.

Front doors: Mod - install Infinity front speakers - Civinfo Wiki

Rear of a 3 door: Rear Speakers - Replacement with Coaxials (3 Door)

You can also add some sound damping material: How To Dramatically improve speaker sound quality for £40 (Dynamat)

Does the original head unit have line out connectors for connecting an amplifier?


But, you can use a Line Out Converter (LOC) to convert speaker level signals to line level signals. Click here.

Or, use an amplifier that can directly take speaker level signals.

If you don´t mind soldering on the in car electronics you can follow the instructions in this how to thread.

Can I add a subwoofer?

Related to the question of the amplifier above. Yes you can, have a look here: Subwoofers - Civinfo Wiki

There are several other examples of ICE installs in both Ipods, MP3 Players and ICE and How To.

For example:

How to install an entire ICE system

My sub/speaker install

My ICE (lot's of pics)

Fitting an Amplifier and speakers

Install a subwoofer and amp

Can I change the head unit?

The original head unit is a central part of the car and needs to be retained. It is not a very easy job to add an aftermarket head unit, but it has been done.

Changing the head unit

If you do not want to retain the original head unit, you need to change the display for one used in a car with no radio and make some new wiring.

See this post.

Another option is to fit a solution as described in this thread.

New solution is to change display from car with audio since wiring is same for both displays. See here Audio Sub Display

What type of head unit is in the Civic?

It is a Panasonic CQ-MH5571LC in the satnav cars. What is the make/model of the EX hu

It has approx 12W RMS of power. Power rating of Head Unit

The electrical connections on the rear look like this and the pin outs for adding a camera to the sat nav can be found here.

About the Satnav

The Type R GT and the EX or Executive versions have built in GPS satnav (except in countries where map coverage is not available).

For examples of screenshots, see Satnav demo.

The satnav (and some other functions also) can be controlled via Voice Control

You cannot add your own POI (Points Of Interest) but you can save destinations. The map data does not cover speed cameras, so for this you need an external aftermarket solution.

The hardware is Alpine and maps are created by Navteq.

Upgrade discs are released approximatly once a year and are availble to purchase from your Honda dealer. See also: How to revert to a previous satnav version.

You can report errors in the maps here.

For other versions of Civic you can add aftermarket satnav in a number of ways: Mounting solutions for satnav

On the satnav model, can I use the satnav and CD player at the same time?


The satnav uses a seperate DVD player in the glovebox. There are different releases of the disc.

On the satnav model, can I use the DVD to play films on the screen?


But, with some fairly extensive modifications, you can play films on the screen. How to Connect Video Source to Navigation System

You can also look at this idea for ipod video.

Radio Reset Code?

8th generation model OEM radio's do not require a reset code.

The main car battery can be disconnected and when re-connected, the radio will not require any code to be input.

When disconnecting the battery the radio station presets will be lost, along with some of the trip/MPG stat's.

Battery Radio codes after removing battery.